Facebook Live To Come Alive Shortly

There is some good news for the Facebookers; the biggest social networking site planned to debut its production of Facebook Live as early as 5.15 p.m. PST, yesterday. It will start with a talk with the Star Trek celebrities that will include film director JJ Abrams, and George Takei, the classic cast member.

Facebook Live was started in 2010 by Randi Zuckerberg, sister of the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Live primarily consists of a website and an app powered by Livestream; it offers an archive of video clips and users can discuss the videos with other users and ask questions, as well. The moderators of the program pick up from the submitted questions; take the details of the people who asked them, and present the questions in front of the celebrities in the video.

The service features interview of celebrities with Randi and other instructional talks on the products and marketing tools of Facebook. With time, the service is to extend to cover other vital videos that will include Barrack Obama’s talk at Facebook, and the other celebrities, as well. But for the last six months there was no significant update on Facebook Live, after the interview of Rihanna by Andy Cohen of Bravo in the month of November the next update was the Facebook Home launch event, which was fascinating only for the techies.

But now it seems the network has started to place much importance on Facebook Live. A spokesperson from Facebook also revealed that from now on Facebook will be utilizing the Live platform more, and they are planning for new shoots within a short time. The purpose of the app is to make the public capable to interact with the public figures more easily and also in an authentic way.

Facebook Live can prove immensely beneficial for Facebook in other way, as well. It will certainly increase the number of visits of the fans of celebrities to its pages and can create very attractive content through the stars. This will certainly increase not only the number of visits but better engagement of the users.

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