Facebook Focuses On Digital Gift Codes Replacing Physical Gifts

Facebook is abandoning the sale of physical gifts from its Facebook Gifts service and will instead focus on digital gift cards and codes.

The physical gifts offered like wine and chocolates, will not be seen now.Instead the major redesign includes digital gift codes.

The social network giant has announced that 10% of its U.S. user base will be able to see the redesigned Facebook Gifts. The rest of the U.S. will have to wait for the redesign to slowly roll out over the next few weeks.

Facebook makes VIP app:
The redesign emphasizes on, gifts receive its own marketplace landing page, as opposed to the overlaid window currently operating.
Lee Linden, the facebook gifts manager says, there is not any intention of abandoning the gift services because the service is “definitely going up. It’s been steadily going up since the beginning of the year and I think it will keep going up with this.”

Facebook starts charging users:
The sale from physical gift was only upto 20%, however the major sellers were gift credits for products and places such as Starbucks and iTunes.

Facebook will now use the people’s personal information to suggest friends’ appropriate gifts for purchase e.g. from a friends’ check-in.

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