Facebook Email Released

Today Facebook released their all new messaging system. Today I open Facebook to a message on my home page asking me to upgrade to their new messaging system. I was then taken through a wizard of activating my Facebook email (that’s right, I now have a @facebook.com email), Turn on text messaging on my cellphone and to go online on Facebook chat.

The new Facebook inbox is not very much different in looks to the previous but has added like around 2-3 email-‘ish’ features like forward, attachments, etc. Cool new features are sending a message as a text to the recipient, Quick reply mode, etc. I think this is a great new addition to Facebook. Now lets wait and see if and how this effects other email systems in the market.

Oh BTW If like me you’ve just ungraded you’ll get 10 invitations to invite friends to the new messaging system. I have all 10 intact as of now.

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