Facebook COO David Ebersman Sold $43 Million Facebook Shares

Facebook COO David Ebersman sold 911,700 shares of Facebook stock on Tuesday, and gathered $42.6 million more cash into his account, in these three months its about third largest trade by a Facebook insider.

However, he still holds 650,962 share in his name, and just shifted 1.4 million more into trust for his family, according to SEC documents. But, this is not the biggest cash-out this month, yeah.. Marc Andreessen, the board member and investor of Facebook sold 1.2 million shares when the stock reached above $49 on November 6 for $59.5 million.

Well, we can also talk about the bigger payday, and it occurred on August 7, when COO Sheryl Sandberg sold about 2.4 million shares at $38+ for $91.3 million, and had a few other transactions since then, including the September cashout worth $8.3 million.

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