Facebook Allowing Under 18 Users To Share Post Publicly

Earlier, users aged 13 to 17 were not allowed to share post publicly, instead only able to share posts with “friends of friends” on the site. Now, Company decided to move parallel with other social networking sites like twitter, as it allows users to post publicly by default. This change also means that teenage users will be given a default setting of “friends” only.

“One of the requests we hear direct from teenagers most often is the ability to share things in a public way, just as they can on other services,” said Simon Milner, director of policy for Facebook in the UK.

According to the social network, changes are done to “improve the experience” for teenagers on Facebook and also because they are expert enough to know what they say and do. Just they have to on “follow” button, so that their post can be seen in people’s new feed.

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