Facebook To Allow The Posting Of Gruesome Decapitation Videos

The Social Media Company Earlier banned violent material earlier in May this year, as it was related to the damage which can spread viral psychological damage among its users. However, Facebook now allows the posting of gruesome decapitation videos popular especially among militant groups in the Middle East, North Africa, and South America, the BBC reports.

The new policy is only applicable upto when they do not celebrate the action. Its also seen that minimum age criteria of Facebook is 13, which can be evade easily.

Because of Kenyan mall attack in Nairobi, its third time when Somali organization Al Shebab had to suffer with his account cancellation.

“Facebook and social media in general tend to be very self-correcting,” Jillian York, director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil-liberties group in San Francisco, told the Washington Times in April.

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