Facebook Addiction – Too Hard To Escape

Facebook Addiction is a serious disease and all are suffering from it. Many tried to overcome this issue by deactivating their account. But the addiction being so strong they could not stay away from facebook for long.
Some decided to take the harsh way of permanently deleting the account. But there are a couple of things one should be aware of before deleting their account.

There are several apps that are attached with your facebook account. Pinterest, Pandora, Foursquare, Spotify and Instagram all these apps require your Facebook account to log in. Permanently deleting your account may cause loss of all the information on Spotify. You would have to start as a fresh user and all your music collection would be lost.

Facebook has always acted as a birthday reminder. Permanently bidding adieu to facebook might cause a strain in the relationship. As an alternative, we may have to put reminders of all those close pals and relatives so as to not forget their birthdays.

Facebook has developed an easy way to download information of the kind of work one had previously done on it. Go to your Account Settings, click “General” in the left-hand column, then click on “Download a copy of your Facebook data”, finish by clicking “Start My Archive”.

“The information in this download is available in three places:-Downloaded Info, Expanded Archive, Activity Log.
One must also try and find an alternative to facebook to stay in touch and updated with friends. Though it’s tough to find something as good as Facebook.

If you want to have a backup of all the things that you have done on Facebook, Backupify is the solution to it. It is a great way to store consumer web application data on the cloud. There are both paid and free services available, with the free service giving you 1GB of storage, or you can get up to 25GB for the paid service. Backupify files are stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are subject to the highest security and boast a 99.9% up time.

So think twice before permanently deleting that account. You may have to go through hell lot of trouble in doing so.

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