Facbook Capablilities: Keeping Track Of Everything You Write

According to the reports, everything the user of a facebook write even if its not published, can be tracked. As the company works on a code that keep a table of everytime you delete a probable message and sens a meta data back to its own databases.

Everything is being explained by a new research paper submitted by a Facebook data scientist Adam Kramer and Ph.D. student Sauvik Das, as they had seen through many aborted status and posts on other timelines and many comments on other posts.

Company actually keep track of the all the data which is relevant to self-censored posts like the time of that post, whether its was aimed to post on friend’s wall or own page.

Jennifer Golbeck, director of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab said “So Facebook considers your thoughtful discretion about what to post as bad, because it withholds value from Facebook and from other users.”

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