Explosion And Fire In iPad Air In Australian Vodafone Store

There are many accident which occurred due to the explosion of electronic items, and unfortunately this time it’s seen in the Apple product named iPad Air. According to the Daily Mail, an iPad Air recently burst into flames at an Australian Vodafone store, forcing patrons to evacuate the outlet.

“The explosion and fire were so severe that the fire brigade had to be called in to fight the smoke and sparks that were continuing to burst out from the device,” Richard Shears writes.

Vodafone spokesperson shared some words and told that initially the flame was seen around the device’s charging port, currently only this much we know about the potential cause of the iPad Air’s woes. However, some are speculating that this occurred due to overcharge of a Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery.

Meanwhile, there is no injury reported at the sight of Apple iPad incident, but there’s also no official report just yet as to what caused the explosion. This was the first case of iPad mini explosion and currently considered as an accident only, if this happens to Air’s on a more regular basis then it could be a design fault.

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