Ex-Alibaba GM Yan Limin sentenced for Bribery

Former Alibaba GM, Yan Limin has been sentenced to seven years of prison for accepting two large bribes during his tenure at Alibaba alongwith several other former Alibaba employees from Juhuasuan and Taobao who were found guilty of bribery by Hangzhou court. He was the then manager of Alibaba’s Juhuasuan group-buying venture, and was arrested last year for same charges.

Alibaba fired Yan for gross incompetence, as he accepted two expensive cars as bribe five months before the Police Arrest and informed the consumers about whole issue to maintain Market trust. This whole issue is not just limited to Alibaba it’s a growing issue faced by most of the companies in China – the rising Corruption in Chinese Business Culture which is not a good sign for e-Commerce in any way.

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