European Commission Is Being Urged To Deliver Promised Tax Relief

The European Commission has been urged to deliver the promised tax relief. It is a tax relief that is applicable for the local developers. It happened after the implementation date that had been proposed to them was failed to be achieved. The European Commission was urged by the trade association of a UK based game industry. The governments of United Kingdom have made plans to issue £50 million as a total sum of money for developers of United Kingdom. This money was given in the form of tax breaks.

It started from April in 2013 and will end till 2015. The GTR (Games Tax relief) plans that have been proposed offered a tax relief of 25%. This tax relief was imposed on 80% of the qualified game budget. As per the plan it was essential to pass a cultural test that was meant for the consideration. The European Commission has also launched the investigation in the month of April. It is regarding the necessity of the plan and its delayed implementation. The Games Tax relief of UK also supports a cultural product.

This is proportionate and necessary in design and has given the results without even distorting the trade. It did not have any effect on the competition in EU. Dr. Richard Wilson also added that competitions was now seizing the day and will also have an improvement on Games Tax Relief of UK. Wilson is the CEO of TIGA. The cultural British Elements of the video games have been eliminated from the games that have been developed in United Kingdom. This will be favoring Americanized and International themes.

The chairman of TIGA, Jason Kingsley also added that Games Tax relief can even reduce the tendency to promote the British video games culturally. He also said that GTR will be enabling more studios in order to develop the British themes and self-publish it in the games. GTR is also significant to reduce the cost of the games that have been developed in United Kingdom. This will be encouraging the global publishers for more risk in the development of games in the personality of the British.

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