EEDAR Report : Male Gamer Spends Big On Social Games

A new report by EEDAR tells that these mobile games are majorly played by young males who keeps interest in playing lots of video games.

Latest study at EEDAR found that while women make up 65% of all mobile gamers, 66% of whales – the top 5% of spenders on microtransactions, largely responsible for all income are men.

So,its clear that men are slightly ahead of women in these areas-53% of all male players pay, while 47% of all female players do.

The average age of the whale is 30,younger than average age of male players,non-players and general mobile game players.

In the case of spending hours on mobile games,Whale do 11.8 hrs per week at an average,while payers and non-payers both spend less than five hours each.

Surprisingly,whales were found to be big gamers in general,spending about 26 hrs average on video games per week.

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