Ed Lautner, The Character Actor Passes Away At The Age Of 74

Legendary character actor, Ed Lautner expired at the age of 74. His long, stern face made him an a recognizable person in movies and in TV shows. His career was a long one, which spanned across five decades.

Edward Lozzi, Lauter’s publicist said that the actor died due to mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer which is caused by asbestos exposure.

Lautner was an authoritative and an imposing figure. He could easily pull off a brutal thug or a convincing con anytime. He was a prison guard in ‘The Longest Yard’, a 1974 comedy-drama. He played a gas station attendant in Hitchcock’s final film, ‘The family plot’. He has also made a few TV appearances, including ‘The Ofiice’, ‘E.R. Murder’ ‘The Rockford files’ etc.

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