EA Loses $11 Million Madden Lawsuit

After a three day jury deliberation, EA lost the Madden Lawsuit on Wednesday, that was filed by the designer of the original John Madden Football, Robin Antonick. He had claimed unpaid royalties for his work after realizing that Madden games were very similar to his original design. He claimed that his work was recycled and reproduced beyond the 16-bit, 1990-1996 time frame.

According to a press release issued by Hagens Berman, the law firm representing Antonick, “The jury found that several of EA’s games, published between 1990-1996, were virtually identical to the original version of Madden NFL Football, developed by Antonick, and used substantially similar plays and formations. With mandatory prejudgment interest, the verdict should entitle Antonick to more than $11 million.

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