Dwyane Wade would be releasing documentary on the recent NBA title journey

Dwyane Wade and his fans can now enjoy living Wade’s journey to his third NBA championship.

Wade would post a short film on his website in the coming few days and a preview to the video would be out on Wednesday. The film would give us an inside look into Wade’s third championship season.

The video is called, D.Wade’s Journey to 3, standing with both his jersey and the number of titles he has won with the Heat so far.

“I think it would give people a different perspective to the fans and what it means to me”, Wade added.

Wade is shown as a person who addressed battling injury, yet averaging 19.6 points during the championship series. It also deals with him handling people who challenge his game. The film also shows his home life with his nephew and his sons.

In one of the repots, riveting scenes are before Game 1 of the finals. Wade and James were part of a boxing game during a workout and the session ended with both of them out of breath on the floor.

The film would give the viewers an opportunity to experience a different side of Wade. He is often perceived as a person with high temper and a rough player. Fans would see his other side, at the same time, remembering the key moments of his third championship.

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