Dubb To Launch – Beta – 1st October

Founder Neven Zeremski has recently aimed at raising $500k by the end of October 1, which has been announced as the official release date, for Dubb in beta. Dubb, an app that would allow users access to contact information of those who are a part of their friends’ friend list (extended Friend List), is an easier way of avoiding texts asking for another person’s contact number. The app does allow you to filter out requests where you can choose to accept and allow info access to a select few. Like many, Dubb is believed to have risen out of the downfall of the Blackberry.

dubb phone

“During the rise of BBM a lot of people stopped taking down phone numbers and just took PINs. Those are irrelevant, and everyone has moved onto iPhones and Androids. I’m no longer connected to them”, said Zeremski, keeping in mind the present scenario.

Dubb will also introduce a second lever tentative model which might allow users to access their friends’ friends’ friends. This however shall be a paid model ($4.99 per month), under which users can opt to remain invisible too.

As far as marketing is concerned, Zeremski believes it is best to target college campuses (targeting freshmen), apart from online marketing.

Higher versions of the app will include searchable contact tagging. An in app messaging, threatening Whatsapp and Viber will also be introduced.

The app shall soon be launched and would be helpful in extending ones friend list. Apart from that, all we can do is wait and see how the app fairs in beta and beyond.

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