DreamWorks And Netflix’s Partnership Bound To Attract A Lot Of Kids

DreamWorks has made an intelligent move by taking one of its lowest-grossing movies to the small screen. In today’s multi-medium universe, this is the way to reach out to the masses. DreamWorks’ new partner, Netflix is believes that kids’ audience is a sure shot way to a secure future.

The famous animation studio’s new series- ‘Turbo FAST’ is a spin-off from its own 2013 comedy, ‘Turbo’ is out on Netflix. The first season is available to stream.

This is Netflix’s biggest entry into the world of animated kid’s series. DreamWorks is looking to induct a lot of original animated programming featuring character from its earlier films like ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’, ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ and ‘Lassie’.

The series plays almost like a sequel to the film and has a lot more ‘cartoon’ than the original one. It uses simple musical cues and sound effects which work aid the film. Contrary to popular belief, the move from 3D to 2D is an improvement because original programming binds kids to Netflix.

Currently, DreamWorks is pushing for ‘The Croods’ as the animated Oscar contender. It picked up a Golden Globe nominations and 17 Annie nominations including the most coveted, ‘Best Animated Feature’.

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