Don Mattrick Is Now Zynga’s New CEO

The new Zynga CEO Don Mattrick was Electronic Art’s initial option for its chief executive role and now it is at loss for a new candidate, says Michael Pachter

GameIndustry posted the words of the Wedbush Morgan Analyst as, “Mattrick had been a “front-runner” for CEO of EA. Now that he has accepted a job at Zynga, EA is back to square one in its search. We believe that the company will find few qualified candidates outside the company, and will ultimately choose between the top two internal candidates, COO Peter Moore and EVP Frank Gibeau. Both men are capable of running EA, in our opinion, and investors would respond favorably to either being appointed.”

Pachter was surprised at Mattrick who has taken the job at Zynga instead of the larger EA, which is in a much healthier financial position. But he does think the former Xbox president is a good choice for the job;

The Analyst also said, “Mr. Mattrick has the skills and experience required to manage a large organization, and we believe he will right-size Zynga staffing levels in order to allow the company to become profitable almost immediately.”

Many talks have been around regarding the Mattrick’s job shuffle. It has been commented that Mattrick has been unsatisfied about the organizational change which will not let him for getting a senior role. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned about the replacement yet and EA is still without a CEO since March.

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