Disruptions By Facebook Have Prevented The Access On Social Media

The apparent disruption by Facebook has been preventing most of its users to access the social media site. Visitors of Facebook have been receiving a few “down” answers by Downforeveryoneorjustme.com. This was given when the visitors were checking the status of Facebook. Users were greeted with a message when they tried to visit the version of the web on Tuesday evening. This happened when the version of Facebook for mobile phones was made available for tablet and Smartphone users.

This outage started at 6 p.m. but is still unknown to most of the users and it can be affected by them. Users of Facebook had to finally turn to twitter to complain about this outage. The past year has given a bitter experience for Facebook as the social media has suffered several outages. Facebook has also suffered from DNS issues that made it difficult for the users to reach out to the site.

In addition to this, most of the users were knocked off by the company in October because of the problems of optimization tests of traffic. These users primarily belonged to Europe which was knocked by the social media. It was reported at 8.45 PT when an issue was reported by the social media related to its infrastructure. This internal issue had slowed down the site or unavailable for a small period of time. They said that these issues were resolved by them quickly and is expected to come back to 100%. In addition to it they even apologized by the user for the inconvenience received.

One of the representatives of Facebook was not able to say to what extent the outage has proven itself to be. This also indicated that this outage has not been limited to North America. It has also been concluded that these problems have not been caused because of any hacker. The social media company did not say the names of the countries that have been hit with by this problem. A few visitors on Twitter mentioned these names – Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Portugal.

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