Director Dalmacy Reveals His Life Through The Film Maker, Starring Todd Bridges

The life of a door to door cable salesman is never going to be easy, especially when you have the motivation to become a film maker. Todd Bridges (of Different strokes fame) is going to play the role of salesman Donnie in The Film Maker.

This was recently announced by writer/director Dalmacy. In the film, Donnie goes through a lot of ups and downs while he’s pursuing his dream of becoming a successful film maker. He is fiercely determined and self motivated and is all set to achieve what he wants. The director produced ‘Scorn’, which won him several awards at the New Bern Film Festival. John Michael Reefer (The Bicycle) will serve as producer on the film. The film is supposed to start production on spring 2014 and will be shot at North Carolina.

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