Digg Reader Now Crawls Over 3.3 Million Feeds

From zero to 3.3 million feeds Digg reader is creating a buzz all around. According to recent news Digg have posted a ‘quick update’ informing the world that it’s concluded the roll-out of its updated iOS app, which packs an RSS reader. The RSS reader features were built keeping in mind the current status of the DIGG app,that gives Digg a KICK start on assembling a sizable user base and at the same time, help promote the rest of its service to Google Reader users.

Digg Reader pulls articles from favorite blogs, news sources and publishers, so users can easily follow the content present on the Internet. The updated Digg app will specifically import Google Reader feeds and folders as well, and it’ll allow users to “digg” the content they’re reading to signal trending content.

Looking for GOOGLE READER replacement?
Users can use Feedly, AOL Reader and old favorite NetNewsWire which are among the few favorites.

The Digg update can be a result of the companies attempt to fill the space that Google Reader will leave once it closes down .

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