Destiny Of Spirits To Launch On May 25 In USA

The free-to-play, Vita-only strategy Role Playing Game Destiny of Spirits will arrive on March 25 in USA. The scheduling for the other regions’ launching has been planned for somewhat around the same time, SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa wrote on the PlayStation blog. In Destiny of Spirits, players collect a vast multitude of monsters to battle the other teams in turn-based battles.

Destiny of Spirits is location-based with social aspects that permit players to make friends and swap spirits. Every region gets a special set of creatures, and trading is the only way to smartly get those area-specific ones.

The last year beta testing for Destiny of Spirits led the team to scale back load time, and increase gameplay speed, spirit levels and spirit slots, so the beasties can progress more and players can hold a lot of them.

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