Dell’s New Latitude Gains Attention

Dell’s Ultrabook series were noticed well in the market through its Latitude 6430u. The model has reduced its size to Macbook Air and it weighs a pound. Though it is priced high, it has to make case further. The model is slim and it has aluminum finish with not much sleekest appearance.

The model features a display of 1366 x 768 resolution with varying screen inch for E7240 and E7440 model. Even though the OS is Windows 8, the laptop doesn’t feature a touch screen. But there is an upgradable option available for 1080p touch display.

Latitudes come with Intel’s Core i3 processors and hence they have better battery life. But the Turbo boost feature to add up speed is missing in this model. And it is not sure how long Dell will have this model in the market.

The prices of Latitudes are around $1100 with some customization options. This laptop is predicted to be good in business fields as they have good battery and scanners to identify finger prints.

Some other products which gathered attention in this week include LG’s new smartphone, G2 which rivals the Galaxy S4.

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