David S. Goyer Reveals A Few Facts About Christopher Nolan

The famous screen writer, David S.Goyer, in his interview stated that Christopher Nolan was unable to the read comic books and didn’t know anything about that universe. However, Christopher Nolan certainly deserves the praise (and credit) for his modelling of Superman in the footsteps of ‘Batman’. During his discussions for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ with Christopher Nolan, he emphasised presenting Superman in a modern context. Impressed with his idea, Nolan put the idea across to the studio which later produced the “Man of Steel”.

Armed with his vast knowledge, Goyer identified nearly ten things regarding Superman and Batman, that had to be present in the movie. Both Nolan and Goyer, being very dedicated to their work, decided to meet the very people who make their living thinking up new adventures for Bruce Wayne. Goyer felt that they should look beyond the comic books and their creators. And by not doing this they may be more closeted in their approach which can lose the element of trust.

Meanwhile, while heading to London to participate in the the BAFTA And BFI Screenwriters’ Lecture, Goyer stated that Nolan had lots of questions. Goyer reveals that Nolan was unable to grasp certain critical aspects.. But the bottom line is that you don’t have to some insane comic book fan to do something right and admirable when it comes to the comic book franchise.

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