Cyanide Studio Gives a Description of Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx: Master of Shadows, a PC game with RPG components from Cyanide Studios will be out this year (Date not announced yet). Some information about what the game may have was announced in by the studio. The brief description is as follows:

In the world of Styx, a sprawling tower protects the Tree, a supply of a mysterious, powerful substance known as Amber. Players will face humans, orcs and magic-savvy elves as they struggle to clear levels and varied objectives. The announcement notes “murder, information recovery” and “thefts of precious artefacts” among the hurdles awaiting Styx. Levels will also be open to multiple strategies of completion, leaving it up to players to sneak by stealthily or charge into all battles without reservation.

As players ascend the tower, the expertise they earn is accustomed unlock skills, moves and weapons spread across six talent trees. That Amber substance will not be entirely useless in its mystery, either – players will gain power from the Amber, which may “help you out of a decent spot, make you invisible to the eyes of your enemies and generate ‘disposable’ clones of yourself.”

The things though seem interesting but how interesting it is going to be, will be known only once the game or at least its trailer launches.

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