Crowdoptic Creates A Record Of A Funding Of $1 Million

“CrowdOptic has risen another funding of about $1 million”. It is an advanced technology that is used to identify where people are pointing their smartphone cameras. The team of CrowdOptic emphasized that it could be a way of social interaction. The reason why this could happen is that, while you are in a live event and pointing out your camera at the same thing, you can also begin to share content and begin to chat. The company’s website has also highlighted a number of use cases that included advertising, news reporting, analytics and focus aware, security and social TV.

The prime customers of this technology are from New Zealand and Australia of ticketing company Ticketek and Fora.Tv . The funds for CrowdOptic came from the existing investors that was primarily was Silicon Valley Bank, technical legend Ray Lane. Another active investor is Fishers itself, the CEO and the Co-founder of the company. Fisher said that the technology CrowdOptic, celebrated the second quarter of the highest profitability. The company has now funded about $3.5 million.

Something about the CEO of the company, Fisher was previously the CEO of Net Clerk, Auto Reach and Bharosa. All the team member of CrwodOptic has an impressive resume. This was about the CEO, next the COO is also in the list. Jim Kovach, the COO has worked with the other startups and has medical as well as a law degree. He was previously the linebacker of San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints. CrowdOptic has let the users from finding friends in Facebook in order to interact with the live athletics and entertainers. You can now be an active participant exciting events through their own Smartphones.

You can engage yourself with contextual applications and identify the activity of hot spots. You will also be able to curate the content social media content. CrowdOptic works with videos and photos that are taken by using the popular smartphones and its cameras. It is done analyzing the data that is embedded in the media. It identifies the location of the location of the photographer and subject. It will connect the videos and photos to the focus.

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