Crash Of Boeing 777 At San Francisco

At San Francisco International Airport, a Boeing 777 caught fire. Though emergency measures have taken immediately, it was not clear what has caused the incident to take place. No report was received regarding injuries.

Twitter user Eunner says he was on the plane, and that so far “most everyone seems fine”. Most of the eye witnesses were saying that the plane was in trouble when it was coming in for a landing, followed by an audible “boom” with what appeared to be dust and smoke emanating from the tail.

According to TV station KTVU, all SFO flights have been canceled and the air traffic control recording showed that the tower responded quickly, calmly, and professionally.

It was reported that The National Transportation Safety Board has announced that it has deployed a “Go Team” to investigate the incident. A Go Team was responsible for initiating an investigation as quickly as possible:
The team has a dozen of specialists from the Board’s headquarters staff in Washington, D.C., who are assigned on a rotational basis to respond as quickly as possible to the scene of the accident. They travel by aircraft to update the news. These teams were responsible for covering up the crash news from35 years. They also routinely handle investigations of certain rail, highway, marine and pipeline accidents.

The team will have flashlights, tape recorders, cameras, and lots of extra tape and film to do the investigation in the crash site.

It has been updated by NY Times that the plane was not making an emergency landing before the crash, and prior to impact the the situation had been “entirely normal”.

San Francisco Fire Department has said that two people were dead during the incident. The run ways which were closed is expected to be opened shortly

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