Consortium, A New Sci-Fi Game With Some Different Concepts

CONSORTIUM may be a first-person game, with shooting in it, however it isn’t a typical first-person shooter. Despite the sci-fi setting, and the constant narrative potential for violence, and also the moments of actual violence, this is more of a journey game. And is like an RPG and is reasonably a smart one at that.

You play a crewman on an enormous weaponized jumbo jet , whose first day on the duty coincides with lots of serious issues taking place, from murders within the crew quarters to enemy attacks on the ship.

Most of the game is spent walking round the ship, the only location of the game, reaching to know each area and each person operating within it. Every person aboard is spoken with, and the way you relate with them affects your relationship, and so future interactions with them. Couple this with the very fact you manually manage your instrumentality and inventory, and there is a robust RPG part to proceedings.

The voice actors also do an incredible job considering this was a Kickstarter project, a good form of accents giving the international crew a true sense of, well, character.

Consortium is not the prettiest game, however given the resources of the team, they’ve created the sensible move to mask some limited visuals with a robust dose of flair, the game coated in a very cartoon style that makes it seem part.

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