Company Of Heroes 2 Out In Market

Seven since the first title the franchise came up, Sega is back with much awaited sequel Company of Heroes 2. This realistic Real-Time Strategy war-game sequel of Company of Heroes is developed by Relic Entertainment. Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2 had this to say on the release of the much anticipated sequel, “We are immensely proud of the game but for us the launch is just the start. Our loyal player base will be rewarded with ongoing updates and content to keep them enjoying Company of Heroes 2 a long time after the game ships.”

The game is set on Russian faction where players taking on as US will take on a role of in the campaign mode. The plenty of new features are packed in single-player mode, Essence 3.0 Game Engine is employed for destruction physics and advanced smoke effects to improve visual treat. The sequel is also equipped with better multiplayer experience, custom army load-outs, Theater of War and more.

This time developers will also be supporting post-launch bug fixing, new free multiplayer maps and premium content for download.

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