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If you are a comics fan, then there is bad news for you. From now on, it may get a bit difficult to buy comic books from a mobile device. Comixology, the cloud based digital comics platform is all set to replace its iOS app today with an updated version that will take off the the ability to purchase comics.

This new avatar of the app is only a comic book reader, which means that to purchase a new comic you’ll have to visit the company’s website. The new app only allows you to browse comics in the new app and download free comics directly, but the paid comics can only be added to your wish list here and can be purchased from the site later unlike the previous version.

This transformation in the app is certainly not a good news for the iOS users, but the company has reportedly brought in this change to keep itself away from the App Store’s new policies that demand to receive a 30 percent cut of all in-app purchases and subscriptions.

The Android app has also been updated today, making the in-app purchases to be made through Comixology rather than Google Play.

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