There Is More To Come-Pellegrini

City manager Manuel Pellegrini says, his side’s 3-1 Capital One Cup win over Sunderland is just a start, and says it was important to get their hands on their first trophy to keep right tone.

“Of course it gives us a lot of confidence to us because when you have a chance to win a title, if you don’t do it, maybe your mind stays the same way,” Pellegrini said. “We are the only club that has the chance to continue trying to win all the competitions. If you have a chance to win the first you must do it.”

“For such a big team, club as Manchester City, to fail for the second time is not good. They failed last year but today I think they was very important to win.” The City boss also said that last year’s FA Cup defeat to Wigan was on the squad’s mind at half-time as they came from 1-0 down to beat the Black Cats.

“It was important for players to be calm and patient and trust themselves, maybe what happened last year in the final was in their minds in the first half but I think that the most important thing was to calm the players and trust in them.” It was Pellegrini’s first trophy in Europe, but the manager never felt it was an issue to be bragged around.

“I didn’t feel that I need so much a trophy,” he continued. “For me it’s very important to win a trophy, but it’s also important for me to be in Europe for 10 years, and if you are trying to win trophies in clubs that it is possible to do it, I was very happy with my five years in Villarreal, three in Malaga.”

“We are going to try. We know it’s not easy, we have respect for Wigan, we remember what happened last year,” he added.

“I think that we are going to evaluate the season when it ends in May. We want to take just one trophy but I don’t think that no one can think that that is enough. Why?
“We have to win Wigan next Sunday, then [it’s a] Wembley semifinal, but if we didn’t win it we must have a good evaluation about what we are doing that is wrong, and where we can improve. But I don’t think for top players or important clubs, you are satisfied with one trophy.”

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