Clockwork Empires Game To Have Extra-Ordinary Catastrophes

Clockwork Empires, a next-gen game developed by Gaslamp games has taken a one step up in including the dangers in the form of attacks by squamous, unknowable Elder Gods along with the catastrophic troubles.

“Build mighty colonies populated by foppish aristocrats, ambitious middle-class artisans and clerks, and the toiling lower-classes who labor in your magnificent factories, scientific laboratories, lavishly decorated houses, farms, cathedrals, pubs and more,” reads the game’s official description. “But be careful – every character in your society has its own personality, motivation, and (sometimes deadly) secrets,” according to the game analysts.

The creation here would ultimately depend on how society declines or succeeds in certain ways, that is it is entirely dependent upon your mindset.

“Ultimately the creation and outcome of this incredibly nuanced world is dictated by the player, but as developers we’ve steered clear of directing the actual outcome of each society players will create,” stated Gaslamp Games CTO Nicholas Vining. “The outcomes can vary so greatly it was important to design the game to be as shareable as possible. From building to strategizing, exploring and the emergent player-to-player shared content, no two games will be alike. That’s the gruesome and wonderful nature of Clockwork Empires.”

The game will be out in 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

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