Civil Servant Banned From Promotion – Misuse Of Social Media

According to the code of Facebook’s disciplines, posting or commenting inappropriate contents could make the user to receive a warning letter or even be prevented from career promotion. The above was in the case of a civil servant. Another three members were punished for posting inappropriate comments about their colleagues on social media. Two of them were issued informal warnings, while the other got rid of the organization before he/she was about to be punished.

Thinktank Parliament Street, Directed in technology by Steven George-Hilley counters the punishment given to the inappropriate content’s source. He said “Banning staff from promotion due to Facebook gaffes exposes a ham-fisted approach to social media.Whilst protecting the integrity of the organisation is paramount, employers need to recognise that social media is here to stay and that staff should be trained to utilise digital channels to provide improved services online”

In contrary, a Welsh government spokesman said, “As civil servants, Welsh government staff are obliged to adhere to the civil service code, and the provisions in the code governing honesty, political impartiality, objectivity and integrity”.

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