Chris Hemsworth Shares Details About His New Film, Cyber

“Rush” released last weekend to an average response in the U.S. The film received greater interest in Europe. It narrates the story of two European heroes of a European sport. The movie starred Chris Hemsworth. He revealed a few details regarding his next big film. It was an untitled Micheal Mann thriller which is popularly, but not officially referred to as “Cyber,” for some reason.

Anyway, it is a high-tech spy flick about hackers. Specifically, it is based in the world of cyber wars and cyber terrorism. It is apparently similar to the Chicago Board of Trade. The Chicago Board of Trade is a real story in which it sets off a chain of events which affect the stock market. The code used to hack into it was written years before by a hacker who was in prison for cyber crime.

“The movie starts off in Chicago and ends up in Kuala Lumpur, in Jakarta and in Hong Kong. The movie is a sort of a cat-and mouse international thriller”, Hemsworth said.

The following few sentences may have a few spoilers. Hemsworth adds that a couple of plots are very intriguing. “It was exciting. I knew nothing about the world of cyber-terrorism. It is very common and we see hacking happening very often, like shutting down power grids in certain countries. In the film, my character shuts down the water pumps so that nuclear powerplant gets over-heated and causes huge pandemonium. The research put into the movie is unbelievable. It shows how vulnerable one is to such attacks”, he said.

Hemsworth would also appear alongside Tang Wei and Viola Davis, with “Cyber” marking Mann’s first film since “Public Enemies”, which hasn’t satisfied anyone. No release date has been fixed for “Cyber”, but one can assume that it would be sometime in 2014. Hemsworth said that the shooting for the film got over only recently.

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