Chicago Wants NFL And Super Bowl On Its Land

With the league profitable first Super Bowl in the New-York and Ney-Jersey area, owners of other NFL teams continue their urge to bring the sport’s biggest game to their home.

And for Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel, it is more than a Super Bowl. He wants to see many other NFL related events in his surroundings.

“I would say that there are two things in pro football I would love to see in Chicago, either one of them or both: the NFL Draft and the Super Bowl,” Emanuel told the Chicago Tribunerecently. “They have different advantages for the city given that we have neither one, both would be great attractions for the city to bring national attention. We’ll work on both. There’s something to the draft and there’s something to the Super Bowl. I compliment the NFL for deciding to change to cold-weather cities.”

The Super Bowl is the one where you can tourism dollars and regional economic impact that come with hosting it, but draft does not have much to add other that its implacable saying, “Hey, we hosted that thing once.” It’s basically made for a television which involves commissioner read names off a card.

With this said, Roger Goodell stated last may that draft could eventually move to cities other than New York.

The NFL Draft for the 2014 season will be held in May at Radio City Music Hall, but for 2015 and beyond, Goodell suggested that “we will begin the process” of reconnoiter other cities and venues to hold the three-day draft. And also suggested, Chicago would be the first of their choices.

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