Chat Over SMS On Xiaomi

Now if you are a user of Xiaomi, then there is a long awaited good news for you. Owners can now send international text messages faster and more reliably. Xiaomi has came up withenterprise international SMS platform at the Mobile Asia Expo event in Shanghai.

Inspired from rival Apple’s iMessage service regarding functionality, totally SMS based technology, so can be used on normal telephone Data Connection and over SMS.

Service won’t be an extra pile on for users since it’s based on SMS. Xiaomi’s has used SAP’s SMS 365 platform to build his platform.

Xiaomi also owns a consumer messaging app, Mi Talk launched in competition to Whatsapp and WeChat.

Xiaomi’s is been in news recently with current launch outside of its home country to neighboring Taiwan and Hong Kong. The company’s flagship device, the Mi-2S, is priced at just $373, and is proving to be a tough competition for giants like Huawei, ZTE.

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