CEO Of A Leading eSports Team Missing

The 23-year-old CEO of a highly popular eSports team has been missing since Dec. 17 and his team’s top StarCraft2 player says he is owed $23,000 in unpaid wage and prize money to him. Boudreault’s disappearance was first reported by The Daily Dot. Simon Boudreault, the owner of Quantic gaming, hasn’t been seen in more than two weeks and Ko Hyun, Quantic’s StarCraft star, extremely needs to seek out him. He says he hasn’t been paid in months. Other players and staffers also say they’re owed cash around $40,000 in all.

Boudreault might have been confronting a serious health problem before his disappearance, according to The Daily Dot’s first report. Boudreault inherited a stake in his father’s IT Company once his father died many years ago. Quantic employees told The Daily Dot he spent abundant of the wage he attained from that role on eSports.

He purchased Quantic play in February 2013 as soon as rumors had it that Quantic was about to withdraw out of business. The upheaval has left KO making an attempt to boost cash from the StarCraft community to recover his lost pay.

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