Image Flip Using jQuery

Image Flip Using jQuery Introduction ImageIn this week’s post we will be creating an illusion effect of an image flip using jQuery of course. This thing can be used as a cool gallery kind of a thing. So, hopefully you guys will like it, let’s get to it.

Image Stripe Using PHP GD Library

Image Stripe Using PHP GD Library PictureIn this tutorial we will create an image stripe using PHP’s file handling capabilities and GD Library. It will read any number of images from a specified folder and join them all to create a single server side generated image stripe. This will provide the basics of File Handling and GD Graphics Library.

Lightbox Effect Maintenance Page

Lightbox Effect Maintenance Page PhotoWell the Website Build-Up series was getting a little same-ish so I thought I’d share this cool little technique for telling the user that a page is currently not in use. By the way, this technique would make a great 404 page.