Cate Blanchett’s Directorial Debut With The Dinner

‘The Dinner’, directed by Cate Blanchett is an adaption of Herman Koch’s novel by the same name. This is her directorial debut.

The script will be written by Oren Moverman, and it’s going to be a psychological thriller. In the novel, Two 15 year old boys in two families have committed a horrible deed together. The story’s plot deepens when their parents’ are ready to go to any extent to protect their families.

Blanchett has been honing her skills on-stage. For the past five years, she has been co-directing alongside her husband, Andrew Hupton. She has directed David Harrower’s ‘Blackbird’ and Joan Didion’s ‘The year of Magical Thinking’.

She is considered to be in the race for this year’s Oscar for her role in ‘Blue Jasmine’. The other projects of Blanchett include the adaptation of Cinderella, Carol and Cancer Vixen.

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