Canon Is Facing Market Crisis

With the rise in good clarity of camera in smartphones, demand of Canon’s camera is dramatically falling down. The biggest camera makers of the world do not have a good picture in the market place right now.

Toshizo Tanaka, Vice President of Canon, said that the sales of the camera have been reducing and the profit has been cut down.

The major reason for the low market of canon is the popularity which smartphone has gained so far. The reports have been gathered from a Japanese online news, Nikkei.

The slowdown of camera market has been reported by many media channels. The analysts are also blaming the market of smartphones for the lower sales of cameras.

The way the things turn doesn’t give hope for the improvement of market. There are reports stating that the market of smartphone will increase with their attractive prices. This has lead to less demand of people in the cameras offered by great companies like Canon.

With the domination of Apple, Nokia, Samsung etc… along with its great features in camera, Canon is facing issues.

Recently, Lumia 1020 was launched with 41 MP camera and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 had 13 MP sensor to rate up the trouble for camera makers.

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