Call Of Duty: Ghosts Somewhat Similar To Titanfall’s Cinematic Multiplayer

For the upcoming multiplayer map of Call of Duty:Ghosts, Infinity Ward this week showcased the pre-order bonus.

The developer of Call of Duty:Ghosts claims will add a touch of the cinematic single player campaign to the game’s deathmatch modes.Yeah,I think you all got familiar with the game similar to it.

There was the same thinking behind the first game from Respawn EntertainmentTitanfall, which was spawned by the former heads of Infinity Ward.

Respawn Entertainment and the team aims to make theirs look more alive and dramatic as the people show more interest in shooter’s multiplayer.”That’s the exact thing why people spend hundreds of hours on”,Zampella said.

“People will run through a single-player level as fast as they can just to get to the end of it. Multiplayer is: ‘I’m going to spend hundreds of hours on it. I’m going to be in this world all the time.’ So why is this world more barren? Why is it stripped down? Let’s put that cool stuff there. Put it where people will see it. Put it where people are going to be.”

It looks like the level is always changing, with debris and furniture sliding around and the floors dropping out from under you.It horrifies me, what about you?

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