Call Of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Has Some Really Cool Things To Offer

Activision has pumped-up out an enormous preview for Onslaught, the CoD DLC that includes new Extinction content, fresh maps and also the Maverick rifle. And it also includes a horror icon. Episode 1: Nightfall is the first of four Extinction episodes extending the narrative behind the sci-fi product that includes an all new alien species and a replacement weapon.

The DLC conjointly includes the Maverick rifle, a weapon which will be customized as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle.

By far the foremost attention-grabbing addition though is one of the four maps – Fog – that lets players withstand the persona of Halloween’s horror icon Michael Myers and play through a medium-sized location that includes an abandoned cabin in the woods, a campsite and torture chamber. It even has the classic Halloween soundtrack in it.

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