Call of Duty: Ghosts’ DLC May Get A Free Trial

Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to be getting a free demo and a trial weekend for its first DLC pack Onslaught, according to leaked documents shared via a PasteBin entry with IGN last night.
This stuff suggests that the DLC is going to be free-to-try this weekend.

It states in that a free multiplayer demo will be coming on March 7, and is claimed to incorporate team death match and domination modes across maps Prison Break, Strike Zone and Warhawk. Players will also be ready to create a soldier and jump into a trial of Extinction mode with up to four friends.

Then two weeks after that, for the weekend of March 21, Infinity Ward’s Onslaught DLC is claimed to be available absolutely free, giving players access the maps Bayview, Containment, Fog and Ignition as well as the new Maverick rifle and the first episode of Extinction . They would also get access to something referred to as ‘The Ripper.’ 

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