Cadbury India Ltd., changes its name to Mondelez India Foods Ltd.,

Well known choco brand, Cadbury India Limited has officially been renamed as Mondelez India Foods Limited. The move was taken earlier today by its board.

With the confusion spreading over what Mondelez actually means, the company revealed saying “monde” means world and “delez” means delicious. The change came here in India due to the global changeover of all subsidiaries of Mondelez International throughout the world.

 The change in name of the company though will have no impact on the names or packaging of its current popular products like Bournvita, Bournville, Choclairs, Dairy Milk, Celebrations, 5 Star, Gems, Oreo, Perk, Halls and Tang, which will be continued to be sold under the same brand names as before, the only change being the name of the company behind the pack.

Mondelez International Inc. is a globally renowned name in the field of snacking. The current revenue of the company is around $35 billion. It is also an esteemed member of the NASDAQ 100, S&P’s 500 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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