Build 9471 Windows 8 Update Leaked

Build 9471 Windows 8 update has been leaked out few days prior to RTM (Release to Manufacturing). Till date windows 8 has come up receiving criticism on how steep its learning process is on the naive user’s front. But this really seem to be so contradictory as Microsoft claims to have introduced itself with touch friendly layer of tiles and apps and compressing its operating system.

Reports claim that Microsoft is planning to address both the updates through it Windows 8.1 update. As seen in the Windows 8 older build that the start screen was skipped and boot to desktop directly, Microsoft now claims that new leaked build will be having a UI that is to accustom a naive user to Windows 8 interface faster.

Features like “Help + Tips ”app, which will initially guide the first time users about Windows 8 which would come under 6 different heads like Start and Apps, Get Around, Basic Actions, Settings, Account And Files and what’s new in the Windows 8.1 build 9471.

Three dots are seen in the right bottom corner in the leaked build of Windows 8 which open up the context menu from the hiding after clicking on it. The Built in apps will be offering a swipe in from the right summon the Charms bar and the Start Menu to remind the user that they can actually do this. A frustrated Windows 8 user would really love these features although they seem to be pretty small and little.

In addition to these the new build will also be packed with Built-in apps like Mail, People, Photos, and Calendar that have been updated with newer features and theme, Skype will come as stock app and a couple of new Animated Backgrounds. Although the new Photo App won’t be featuring Facebook and Flickr integration.

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