Brendan Rogers Confident Of Liverpool Performance

‘Our best is yet to come’, says Manager Brendan Rodgers of Liverpool, after their fifth win in the seven league games which saw first half goals by Daniel Sturridge, Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard.

Brendan says that though they don’t play at their best, they have managed to win many a time. Liverpool is hoping to come within the first four places this time as against a seventh place in the last season of the Premier League.

Rodgers is aiming to improve the quality of the performance and achieve more in terms of ball retention. He is sure to take the required points to win but is aspiring for better performances from the players so that it is no longer a narrow win.

Sturridge got eight goals out of nine games and rose above the England’s World Cup qualifiers and still is going strong. Suarez too scored his third goal in three games and both the players have a perfect understanding between themselves. Their exceptional performance stole the show today.

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