Bounden Is A Two Player Co-Op Mobile Dancing Game

The two-player co-op mobile dancing game Bounden will be out later today on iPhone. Since its announcement everybody has been curious to know that how would a dancing game actually work on iPhone. Well, here is the answer- Two players will be made to hold onto the same device and they will make the use of its gyro sensor to tilt a cursor.

The game’s creator Game Oven explained it as, “Swing your arms and twist your body, and before you even know it, you are already dancing.”

This all may sound a bit silly and ridiculous, but it has been made in conjunction with the Dutch National Ballet. Bounden will be priced at £2.49 / €3.59 / $3.99 regularly. The game contains six dances plus a platform-exclusive dance for both the iPhone and impending Android versions.

The team is still working on the Android version of the game and they said that the delay has been due to the difference of gyroscopic working in the Android devices.

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