Bosch Self Driven Car Spotted In Palo Alto

Last year Google came up with the concept of Self Driven Car built on Toyota Prius, Lexus RX that used hell lot of technologies viz. GPS, Camera, SONAR. Now we have a new competitor in that genre from Bosch with an Autonomous BMW 325D Car spotted in Palo Alto streets, with arrangements to hold LiDAR sensor, GPS and other sensors packed in a compact housing on roof.

Bosch earlier released introductory video outlining their project on autonomous car technology. The LIDAR sensor used paints a 3D picture of the surrounding environment, with a GPS antenna below it, to broadcast it’s current location. At the time McCullagh spotted the car, it seemed to be under the operation of its driver.
California has been the epicentre for all autonomous car testing because they have recently lagalized testing of Self Driven cars on public roads last year.

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