Bohemia Giving Out €500,000 Prize For Its Interactive Contest

“Make Arma Not War” has been decided as the name of an upcoming Bohemia Interactive contest that ought to greatly facilitate incentivize community-led content creation for Arma 3. The studio is giving out €500,000 in prize and the best part is: “Projects that show lots of potential may also be offered a contract by Bohemia Interactive, whether or not they have won the competition or just did well enough but did not win.” Potentially it’s like the beginning of someone’s career, from what it looks like. The competition spans four classes- single-player, multiplayer, add-on, and total modification — with the highest prize of €200,000 reaching to that last category. The other three categories will have the prize pool distributed into first (€50,000), second (€30,000), and third place (€20,000).

Submissions will be accepted till October 2014 and winners will be announced somewhere in January 2015.

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