Blackguards Out On PC and Mac Before Scheduled Date

Despite the game’s original Jan 24 release date, Daedalic Entertainment has opted to release turn-based roleplaying epic Blackguards a bit early.

Described as “a turn-based RPG with strategic combat,” Blackguards at first seems like a typical high-fantasy roleplaying game, with one huge twist: instead of teaming with noble warriors of virtue on a holy quest to murder the minions of evil, you play as a condemned murder who joins forces with different criminals.

Visit Steam or GOG and you may realize Blackguards is available for purchase in both PC and Mac iterations. Steam is currently providing two versions of Blackguards – a standard Edition at $36 and a Deluxe Edition at $54 -while GOG solely features the Blackguards: Special Edition for $43.40.

Each version has its own set of features, so better do some research, think and then buy.

Via: Joystiq


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